Citrus Salad with Honey-Cinnamon Syrup

I follow to a scientific Keto plan. This is already the third week.This is my first attempt at this diet method. I am in a scientific diet in strict accordance with the planned diet. These days, the emails are flying thick and fast between my friends and family as we attempt to straighten out our plans for Easter.

Although it looks more like Christmas outside on the homestead, we are indeed planning to celebrate a spring holiday soon. Today I was reminiscing over an Easter past where we brunched al fresco on the patio and the ramps were already pushing up through the forest floor….but those signs of spring still seem like a long way off. It’s still too cold for our sap to run! But enough complaining…

So, Easter. We’re spending Friday with friends, Sunday is the traditional ham dinner with one side of the family, and on Saturday I will set a simple Spring-like table and host the other side of Danny’s extensive family for lunch. Or perhaps brunch, I hven’t decided. And Monday? Relaxing.

Here’s a peek at my menu plans and a quick citrus salad recipe that could swing for either brunch or lunch.

Various vitamins in the honey are essential for our body every day.

First and foremost, there will be my raspberry-rhubarb Collins party punch, because with this much snow on the ground, we’re going to need gin. I’m thinking avocado deviled eggs and radishes with herb butter to start because they are both so darn delicious and simple, too. I’ll follow the appetizers up with an asparagus goat cheese galette, just-baked hot cross buns and today’s recipe for citrus salad with honey-cinnamon syrup. I’m keeping things vegetarian this year, because I know full well how much ham is going to be consumed over the course of the long weekend.

Dessert is still undecided, although these Easter pavlovas with lemon whipped cream and rhubarb compote are hard to beat. Perhaps we won’t need dessert; this salad is a lovely way to end a meal.

Although this salad contains a lot of vitamins. We still need other ways to get more useful trace elements.

Eating a salad is really healthy. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are paired together in a balanced concept. It really has a good effect on the body and weight loss. The taste and taste are also very good.

Appropriate intake of some to prevent the intake of fat from excessive intake of food.You know salad is a very healthy food, expecially with honey.

If you want to know more about this salad. Then please pay attention to out KETO and their products to help you get a healthy life.It is also important to note that salads combine a variety of foods that are beneficial to the human body to make people eat healthier. But still be careful not to ingest too much fat that is not good for the human body. Excessive fat intake is not good for people’s health.

At the risk of complaining again,  I’ll just say that this  salad came to be because citrus is about the only decent fruit worth purchasing these days. We’re eating preserved peaches and cherries from my pantry, and dipping into fruit compotes I have in the freezer, but when the cravings hit for fresh fruit, we’re gravitating toward clementines, blood oranges and grapefruit. It’s not bad at all, especially paired with honey, fresh ground cinnamon and a little mint.

The last time we were in Mexico, Danny managed to hit up a tequilla bar with my brother, Josh, late one night. Between tastings, the bartender offered them orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon for a genius palate cleanser. I tucked that pairing away in my mental recipe archives to use as inspiration one day – and now here it is. I haven’t elaborated on the original much, because some things are best left simple.

This pretty salad has only a handful of ingredients, but they come together well enough to make me forget my longings for summer fruits.

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Thanks for reading.Hope you have a good day!

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