Supermodel’s secret drink-Keep fit and also delicious – Mango Lassi

This is the first step of my scientific diet plan. I have been eating according to the recipe science for 2 weeks. I have to say that my body feels better and better. This set of recipes really works. As long as there are some simple fruits – mango, you can make them yourself. Let me share this recipe with everyone now.

For professional reasons, supermodels must always maintain a good body. But also eat food. Mango lassi is such a drink that can balance both taste and health. Let the super models drink happy and drink with confidence.

Health drink-Mango Lassi is good for your healthy.

Mangoes! Yeah, they are delicious and more than half of Indians are obsessed with them. I am not kidding! But I am not one of those. I like mangoes but I am not obsessed with them. Indians are so obsessed with mangoes that I have heard countless stories of people packing tons of mangoes into their bags on their way back to the US and then they all end up going in the trash! Yeah fresh fruits, veggies aren’t allowed but the love of mangoes overpowers all logic and everything in between I get it that Indian mangoes are the best and nothing in US comes even close but why would you pack so many mangoes when you know the custom people are going to throw it in the trash, beats me!

Top models drink Mango Lassi to keep a healthy body.

Anyway when mangoes are in season, I love eating them as such or add them to my salads. Do you guys do that? Add mango to your salads? Try it if you haven’t, you are definitely going to love it. Another way in which I enjoy mango is Mango Lassi. I am sure most of you are familiar with this popular drinks. Fresh mango chunks blended with yogurt, sugar and little cardamom makes a delightfully refreshing summer drink.

Drink Mango Lassi is good for your health, but also keep mind that don’t drink too much!

You can find more information about this beverage in this article by Perfect Keto. Try some products from Perfect Keto.You can also learn more about health-friendly products. Remember that healthy recipes should be combined with physical exercise to be more effective.

In the Indian subcontinent “Lassi” refers to any yogurt based drink. The popular ones are sweet lassi which obviously is sweetened with sugar and salty lassi which has salt and other spices in it. But one can always get creative and make so many lassi flavors. Like one of my favorites is the Strawberry Lassi that I shared long back. You must try it during the berry season.

Drink mango lassi make supermodel’s body much more healthy.

You only need some basic ingredients and few minutes to put it all together. For this recipe of mango lassi, I have used mangoes, yogurt, milk, sugar and cardamom. And of course some ice cubes. A lot of times lassi is made using “yogurt only”, traditionally that’s how it was made. But I like to add little milk to my lassi since I don’t like it super thick. You can use all yogurt if you aren’t a fan of adding milk to your lassi. You may also add saffron or a splash of rose water for extra flavors but that is optional.

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Thank you for watching my article.I hope you have a healthy life!

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