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Indoor Lighting

When did “Home” become enbedded in human consciousness? Is our sense of home instinctive ? In human, the idea of home almost completely displaces the ideal of habitat. It’s easy to grasp the fact that a vireo’s nest is not the same as her habitat and that her habitat is her true home. The nest is a temporary annual site for breeding, useful only as long as there are young to raise. But we are such generalists—able to live in so many places—that “habitat,” when applied to humans, is nearly always a metaphor. To say, “My home is my habitat” is true and untrue at the same time.

Every room should have a mix of lighting, including overhead, accent and task light.

For study, it would be the sooner the better, but for man, the better it is?

Any experienced designer will tell you that lighting is an essential ingredient when you’re decorating a room — not the afterthought that many of us consider it. If you’re tempted to spend more of your time picking out furnishings or puzzling over layouts, remember that lighting can completely transform a space — not just by brightening dark corners, but by affecting your emotions.

Light is a powerful thing,” said Theo Richardson. The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things — our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. Most designers agree that you need more than one source of light in a room. Think layered illumination: Every room should have a mix of lighting, including overhead, accent and task lights.

The goal is to create contrast between the light at the center of the room and around the perimeter, and the darker spaces in between: “Without the darker, quieter moments, everything is flat and boring. It’s the subtle interplay between light and dark that creates appeal.”

Room-by-Rome Lightbulb
Smart lighting

If you have a north-facing room without direct sunlight, it will generally require a little more thought. For a dark bedroom, she used a similar strategy, combining a central chandelier with discrete up-lights in the corners of the room, bedside lamps for reading and a pair of sconces over the fireplace opposite the bed.

And be sure those shades are on straight. “The harps are pliable, so you can manipulate them a bit to ensure that the shades sit on the lamp properly,” Ms. Contreras said.

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