the reason for the change is not just in the gym, 3 minutes? Still 30 minutes? It all depends on you!

A good life comes from a healthy body, so how to ensure a healthy body, then exercise is indispensable, this article will introduce you to freehand fitness, do not have to go to the gym, you can also exercise at home! In fact, the most important thing in fitness is to persevere. It is best to exercise as many as 5 to 6 times in a week. Each exercise can effectively use the main muscles of the whole body, and these muscle groups that are trained will be used every day or during exercise, which will help you to have better performance in sports. And injury prevention.

3 minutes? Still 30 minutes? It all depends on you!

Self-fitted fitness at home, the first type of chair support

Main training sites: triceps and core muscles

First sit on a sturdy chair with your legs bent slightly and your feet on the floor. Place your hands about 6 inches on the edge of the chair, and move your hips to the front of the chair, keeping your abdominal muscles stretched and your head in the center of the chair. The elbow begins to bend below the body position and is in line. When your arm is parallel to the floor, push your body back up.

Advanced version

In the same way as above, the advanced way is to keep your legs away from the chair and try to lower the body. The difference is that the legs can be fully extended and the heel placed on the ground. This action can be said to be a complete training of the arm muscle strength, which can be carried out according to the training method of muscular endurance. Each action is repeated 12-15 times, preferably 3-4 groups can be performed, and the rest between groups is 30-60 seconds.

Must practice the second type

Main training sites: chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, back and abdominal muscles

First straighten the two hands, the palms are attached to the ground, and the lower body is supported by the toes. At this time, the width of the hands is about the same width as the shoulders, the shoulders are relaxed, the back is straight, and the buttocks are pressed down (similar to the action of the buttocks), keeping the body trunk in a straight line.

When you start to push forward, keep the body torso just prepared, bend your elbows, and straighten your upper body until the elbow is higher than the back, and then return to the original point. In the process, the buttocks can’t be upturned (this is the point that most people may overlook). To imagine that the body is a flat board, the level of the board must be maintained throughout the journey.

Advanced version

The same as the above action, the difference is to lift one foot or put a hand behind the back to do a push-up.

Shoulder training – shoulder push

This action is performed in a sitting position. When the preparatory movement is started, the dumbbells on the left and right sides can be placed in the position of the knee joint. After that, the feet are lifted individually, and the dumbbells are placed flat on both sides of the head, and the elbows of both hands are vertical. This preparatory action mainly avoids muscle strain when lifting the dumbbell.

At the beginning, the elbow is 90 degrees. After the abdomen core is tightened, the exhalation will vertically raise the dumbbell and inhale vertically downwards. It can be done in 2~4 groups.

You can also practice a good body.

The strength of the body parts is different, and the required training weight will be different. You can choose the weight that can be loaded according to the strength of your body parts. In the above-mentioned actions, if there is no dumbbell in the house, you can replace it with a water bottle. If you want to increase the load, you can switch to a large water tank or even a bucket, you can achieve the effect.

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Every time you spend only a few minutes, I believe that you can continue to work hard and you can practice a good body.

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